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Brypar Motorsport Disc Brake Bedding in Procedure

Bedding in brake discs or pads uses the same procedure and is recommended to ensure maximum braking efficiency and life from your discs and pads.
Bedding in of discs and pads ensure the two surfaces are perfectly mated. Allowing the discs/pads to slowly reach higher temperatures is essential in not only pre conditioning the disc but also curing bonding agents in the pad material. Allowing a new brake pad to reach a higher temperature burns off excess resin and moisture in the pad matrix while transferring some pad material onto the disc face, helping the 2 surfaces to mate and form an effective friction coefficient.
The Procedure
Always perform the bedding in procedure off public roads and follow any brake pad manufacturers specific instructions should they differ significantly from our own.
1. Perform 8 to 10 stops from 60km/h down to roughly 20km/h using a medium braking force, ensuring no locking or abs activation. If you are using new pads and discs you should feel a marked improvement in both feel and stopping capability. Avoid heavy braking as we are aiming to slowly bring the brakes up to temperature.
2. Next perform 10 – 12 stops from 100km/h down to roughly 20km/h using a heavier braking force but again ensure no locking or abs activation. The aim here it to get the pads and discs up to 80% of full racing temperatures. You may notice some fade here while the pad and discs surfaces burn off any excess surface coating.
3. Continue to drive to bring the brake temperatures down. It is not recommended to bring the vehicle to a complete stop until the brakes have cooled off. Excessive heat soak between a new pads and disc can cause warping and/or friction material damage.
After the procedure brake discs will appear to have a blue tinge or film and is a sign that the bedding procedure has been undertaken. Please note old pads and new discs, or old discs and new pads, may take longer to bed in due to surface mating inconsistencies. Running a second bedding in procedure is recommended once the brakes have cooled off after an initial run (up to 20 minutes).
NOTE: It is highly recommended that new discs should only be bed in with new pads. Also brake bedding in procedures may very depending on vehicle specifics and performance levels.
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