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Motorsport Brake Discs

Brypar’s range of motorsport brake discs have been designed with a single purpose; to be the highest performance cast iron motorsport disc available on the market today. Brypar achieve this using superior design and manufacturing techniques and by not being afraid to go where others won’t. Brypar offer 2 ranges of motorsport rotors. The Prime-S range, replacement OEM fitment with exact size and offset, and Prime-R, the universal motorsport rotors available in various common motorsport sizes. Lastly custom sizes are available.

Motorsport Brake Disc

Brypar have designed their motorsport rotors to handle the abuse of motorsport. Key features include the use of prime numbers in the number of vanes cast into the disc and prime numbers in the pad wiping face (aggression index). The use of prime numbers means no counter balancing is required and natural frequencies within the disc are eliminated. The vanes themselves are the thinnest available on any motorsport disc. This means lighter weight and increased surface area. Increasing the surface area allows the disc temperature to be more accurately controlled with less cooling than other discs on the market. The Konic™ shaped pad wiping face forces hot gas buildup away from the pad leading to more controlled bite. Brypar motorsport discs are superior in every aspect.

Peg or Bolted Disc Drive

Brypar have developed a simple yet elegant floating disc drive mounting system. Unlike other floating systems on the market the same hats between a fixed bolted drive and our Peg Drive system can be used as the same mounting PCD between the two systems are shared. Using light weight Pegs in place of bolts the system is extremely cost effective meaning ongoing maintenance costs are significantly reduced over other aftermarket floating systems.

Motorsport Aluminium Disc Hats

Using topology optmisation Brypar have developed the lightest motorsport disc hat on the market. By only having material where it is required Brypar have been able to reduce the weight of the Prime-R motorsport hats by up to 35%. Best of all these same hats can be used with our fixed bolting system as well as the Peg Drive.

Brypar - At the cutting edge of motorsport brake development and manufacturing.