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Custom Billet Motorsport Uprights

Brypar designs and manufactures one off motorsport uprights in addition to factory style bolt-on billet uprights.

Latest CAD Software

Using Solidworks 2017 for design and it’s suite of simulation products as well as cloud based optimisation software Brypar are always up to date. With the latest software (and ability to use it to its full potential) comes cost savings by being able to come up with complex design solutions while working to tight deadlines.

Latest Materials

Knowing what materials are available means an upright can be designed and optmised knowing that the final product meets or exceeds critical strength and stiffness expectations.

Machining Capabilities

Knowing the limits of what a CNC is capable of is one thing, but knowing what the operator is capable of is even more important. Time and time again we see that the latest 5 Axis CNC doesn’t necessarily mean the production of highly detailed parts. Programming is the single most important aspect of the manufacturing process and Brypar has this well and truly covered. It’s why we produce motorsport uprights that are better than the competition.

Brypar - At the cutting edge of motorsport brake development and manufacturing.