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About Us

About Brypar

When Brypar was formed we had a single goal. That was to design and manufacture motorsport suspension and braking components that could compete on the world stage, and offer performance advantages that would equate to improved lap times. We were determined to keep manufacturing in Australia and can now proudly say that Brypar is 100% designed and manufactured in Australia – that ensures the final product that is delivered is to a specification and quality that cannot be bettered. We are super proud of this. In a day and age where most companies are forced off shore to find manufacturing partners who often don’t understand their customers, Brypar have worked to ensure that the product delivered is 100% Australian.

Brypar specialises in the design and manufacture of motorsport uprights, motorsport brake disc rotors, motorsport monobloc calipers, race car brake pads and suspension arms. We are a small Australian based business with an international presence. Our agility allows us to create bespoke solutions that larger companies cannot compete with. We can design and manufacture small batch and one off components for defence, road and motorsport applications. We are the only upright specialist world wide with products at grass roots level right up to and including international championships. We pride ourselves on providing world class engineering solutions to all classes of motorsport and defence industries.

Our race car uprights range from universal to OEM style bolt-in replacements with corrected geometry for racing and everything in between. We can offer bespoke upright solutions for your motorsport project if one of our universal range does not fit your purpose. We also offer the same service with our race car caliper range. Unlike our competition we can offer even small race car manufacturers brake calipers custom made to suit a particular vehicle in a range of materials to suit budget and performance targets.

Our motorsport brake discs are designed, cast and machined in Australia. Our design and manufacturing philosophy and capability allows us to design and machine any motorsport rotor to almost any specification without the lead time required by other motorsport brake disc manufacturers. Our range of racing brake discs is ever expanding and in some ways limitless. Need a custom motorsport brake disc? You’ve come to the right place.

Bolt-on Replacement & Bespoke Billet Uprights

Brypar’s range of bolt-on motorsport uprights are unsurpassed in quality, design, performance and price. Designed and manufactured in Australia our race car uprights use aerospace grade materials and in most cases bolt up to all existing brake and suspension components. Save unsprung mass, correct geometry and maximise your on track performance with Brypar uprights.

Motorsport Brake Pads

Brypar motorsport brake pads are manufactured with one of the worlds leading motorsport pad material developers. Brypar’s small range of pads cover a wide range of applications from track day sports/race specification through to heavy touring car / endurance racing pads. Designed to fit a range of OEM and motorsport specific calipers alike.

Custom Motorsport Disc Rotor Sizing

Brypar are the only motorsport brake disc manufacturer that can offer bespoke sizing and mounting specification to suit your application. Choose your vane count, diameter, thickness and mounting style and we will machine from scratch. Our motorsport rotors use patent pending harmonic and balance design features as well as our own specific material to ensure superior temperature characteristics, performance and life.

Motorsport Brake Calipers

Brypar designs and manufactures motorsport brake calipers in Australia using the latest design and manufacturing techniques. Our billet 2 piece and patent pending monoblocks feature through core cooling and topology optimised layouts for the highest stiffness to weight ratios possible. Designed with no compromise in mind.

Suspension Control Arms

When it comes to race cars performance is key and no other area gives greater performance than aerodynamics. With this in mind all our control arms are designed with aerodynamics in mind. Using both aerodynamic tube and CNC profiled billets and low drag fasteners, some might think this is overkill, but in motorsport a 10th of a second can sometimes be an eternity, which is why we make sure that every last bit of performance can be extracted from our corner packages.

Brypar - At the cutting edge of motorsport brake development and manufacturing.