About Us

When this company was formed we had a goal. That was to design and manufacture motorsport suspension and braking components that could compete on the world stage, and offer performance benefits to make your race car faster. We were determined to keep manufacturing in Australia and can now proudly say that Brypar is 100% designed and manufactured in Australia – that ensures the final product that is delivered is to a specification and quality that cannot be bettered. We are super proud of this. In a day and age where most companies are forced off shore to find manufacturing partners who often don’t understand their customers, Brypar have worked to ensure that the product delivered is 100% Australian.

Billet Motorsport Uprights

You have spoken, we have listened. Brypar’s range of uprights is growing month on month. We come to work every day because we love what we do. And that helps Brypar design and manufacture motorsport brakes and uprights that help win races. And best of all, we are 100% Australian, from design to manufacture. That means you know what you are getting will meet or exceed your expectations.

Motorsport Brake Disc Rotors

The only true motorsport brake disc manufacturer in Australia; Brypar. Unlike competitor products, Brypar motorsport discs are designed, cast and machined in Australia. Unique design and manufacturing processes means Brypar motorsport discs can be manufactured to almost any specification without expensive one-off tooling or extensive lead times. Try finding this anywhere else in the world.

To ensure all products are to a quality and standard that the motorsport community expect, Brypar use nothing but the best, from software suppliers Solidworks down to CNC machinery. Rigorous processes ensure a superior race winning product. Our priority is to deliver the highest performing product on the market without compromise.

For all enquiries about Brypar race car uprights and motorsport brakes contact us.

Brypar - Billet Uprights and Forged Brakes, Motorsport Discs. All Made in Australia.

Brypar – Billet Uprights and Forged Brakes, Motorsport Discs. All Made in Australia.