Nissan GTR R35 (2009-11) Front 2 Piece Brake Discs (pair)



Replace your factory Nissan GTR R35 disc rotors with these 2 piece fully floating motorsport rotors from Brypar with 6061-T6 aluminium alloy disc hats, complete with our peg drive fasteners. The Brypar range of ventilated brake discs for motorsport use have been developed using the latest design, material and manufacturing techniques. The end result is a range of motorsport brake discs that can handle the highest level of competition. Best of all they are 100% Australian made.

Looking at brake design and production over the last quarter of a century no company has introduced new technology. Brypar have broken that mold with various unique elements to further refine the cast iron brake disc with improved design, lighter weight, better thermal properties and importantly, higher performance.

The Prime in Prime-S and Prime-R refer to the use of prime numbers as a design philosophy. Using a prime number of vanes, mounting points and groove wiping pattern natural vibrations are all but eliminated leading to motorsport brake discs that require little to no balancing.

Track testing has proven Brypar discs are better balanced, more thermally stable and have improved bite. What does this mean? More confidence and better lap times.

Available with and without aluminium hats and associated fasteners designed to be a bolt-on replacement for factory discs.

Discs come as a matching pair.

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