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In 2017 Brypar started on a journey to design and manufacture motorsport brake discs that could not only compete with the biggest names in the industry, but beat them. In order to succeed we needed to offer a superior product so we started from scratch. A clean sheet design using knowledge gained over the last 20 years, taking proven concepts, evolving them and in some cases completely rethinking the manufacturing process. The final product is nothing short of stunning in it’s simplicity.

The brake disc is one of the most highly stressed components on any motorsport vehicle having to operate in extreme conditions. It is therefore paramount that vibrations and natural frequencies are cancelled out in order to allow a disc to perform at it’s maximum. Cooling vane curves are shaped using epitrochoids, a mathematical curve. These help reduce any natural frequencies. Vanes are also numbered in prime configurations meaning the discs are naturally balanced. These simple yet superior features lead to a naturally damped disc that is less prone to vibration and stress which can lead to premature failure.

While we’re on the topic of vanes, Brypar discs use the slimmest vanes on the market, leading to increased cooling flow and weight savings; critical when the weight is unsprung.

The Brypar Peg Drive system is elegant and simple. Gone are the days of spring loaded bobbins. Our simple system is light weight, incredibly strong and cost effective while allowing the disc to glide on the pegs.

To ensure the pad is always performing at it’s best Brypar discs can be optioned with a unique pad face aggression index. The conical curves help evacuate hot gases and dust while ensuring inner and all portions of the pad face receive different equal levels of treatment. This allows the disc and pad to perform controlled efficient braking, extending pad and disc life. You, the customer, can choose the level of pad bite and aggression, from the straight right through to the Konic².

Brypar’s patent pending material not only improves braking feel and performance, but also longevity and reliability. Why settle for anything but the best. We didn’t come to compete, we came to win.

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