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What’s in a groove?

We get asked all the time about groove patterns and what benefit they have to a motorsport brake disc. Brypar allow the complete customisation of disc, including the type of disc groove and the count. This way we can help tailor a disc to suit a particular vehicle, driving style or event.

Brypar offer six distinct groove patterns, all of which can be modified in count to offer specific characteristics.

Plain discs

Brypar plain disc

Plain discs use the exact same castings and are machined the same way as all Brypar motorsport discs. A plain disc is usually chosen for a vehicle where grooves are specifically forbidden by the rules (historic), or in certain applications such as long distance races where standard ABS systems tend to generate a lot of heat in the disc face. Disc grooving generates more localised heat in the disc surface.

Straight groove

Brypar straight groove

A straight groove is the most basic groove type and is often chosen to replicate an existing disc, such as those used in historic racing, or where a particular pad compound dictates a simple pad wiping feature. Straight grooves can affect NVH more than shaped grooves. If more than 8 straight grooves are required to initiate more bite we recommend looking at a curved or Konic groove which can be a more cost effective option. We offer this configuration with 5 x Straight grooves although this can be tailored to achieve different outcomes.

Curved groove

Brypar curved groove

By increasing the length of a groove over the annulus of the disc you are increasing the wiping capability of the disc. While this will increase bite, surface temperature will also increase slightly. A curved groove can also help with evacuating the buildup of pad deposit and gases along the length of the groove. Brypar curved grooves help evacuate hot gases and dust through centrifugal force. We offer this configuration with 9 x Curved grooves although this can be tailored to achieve different outcomes.

Konic groove

Brypar Konic groove

The Konic groove’s origins lie in the mathematically driven conic curve. While not strictly a conic Brypar’s Konic has been simulated using CFD and FEA to ensure it’s shape is optimised for maximum dust evacuation, bite and longevity. The single large Konic is suited to longer distance racing where bite and disc life are prerequisites however pad compound choice is important with softer pads often leaving deposits behind after hard use. We offer this configuration with 9 x Konic grooves as standard although this can be tailored to achieve different outcomes.

Konic² groove

Brypar Konic² groove

The Konic² groove uses 2 smaller Konic grooves offset over the disc annulus to provide increased bite. This groove configuration works well with a wide range of motorsport pads and racing types, from sprints to endurance racing. Pad and disc life are moderate, although highly dependent on pad compound and general use. This is the go-to groove for most motorsport applications. We offer this configuration with 7 x Konic² (14 grooves in total) although this can be tailored to achieve different outcomes.

Konic³ groove

Brypar Konic³ groove

Using a combination of the 3 different Konic grooves the Konic³ is the most aggressive disc groove option available. We would only recommend this groove for qualifying, time attack, or where maximum bite and heat generation are required. The number of grooves can be tailored however we offer this option as standard with 7 x Konic³ grooves (21 in total)

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