Brypar Universal Multi-Piece Upright


Universal Double Wishbone Motorsport Uprights


Brypar’s universal motorsport upright has been designed to work in a double wishbone setting. It’s universal design allows it to be used as a front, rear, left or right upright. With multiple mounting points for both steering clevis and brake caliper adapters it can be specked to suit most applications. A removable upper section allows easy camber adjustment through replaceable shims, and if toe or steer points are incorporated into this top section will allow camber change with affecting toe. A large diameter bolt-in Porsche motorsport bearing adds significant strength and stiffness while making servicing easy. Being a Porsche design there are a range of Porsche hubs that are designed to fit. Brypar can also design hubs in 4/5 bolt or centrelock. Brypar can also provide upper control arm mounts and brake adapters to suit your vehicle and brake kit.


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AUD$5,950.00 inc GST